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Silver Apple Painting: The best commercial painting contractors in Melbourne

If you are looking for the best commercial painting contractors near you in Melbourne, Silver Apple Painting comes as a good recommendation. We have dedicated 15 years of our professional existence to transforming commercial and public buildings in Melbourne. We offer a systematic range of sophisticated and innovative painting solutions for commercial buildings and public amenities.

Our painting services

When it comes to our range of painting services, Silver Apple Painting offers a long list of professional painting services. We can handle all types of commercial projects. We will paint multiple or single commercial buildings in any project. We will easily handle any commercial painting project like:

House Painters Templestowe
House Painters Brunswick

Apartments and condominiums

As part of our painting expertise, we can undertake any commercial painting project that has to do with apartments and condominiums. Irrespective of the size of the project, we will deliver the painting work before the given deadline.

Entertainment centres

We are highly experienced in painting large entertainment areas like amusement parks, fun arenas, and so on. We ha e a range of colour styles to help you get the best painting designs possible.



We also specialise in painting schools and other study centres. As part of our commercial school painting policy, we usually choose smart and influential colours to help enhance the students’ performances

Hotel and hospitality

With 15 years of painting experience, we have helped many hotels and accommodation spots redefine their business identities by using unique colour combinations and a quality painting project to transform the way they do business.



We also have significant experience painting hospitals and many medical centres. We have a wide range of suitable paint products and decorations that can easily transform any healthcare facility.

Retail centres and shopping malls

Silver Apple Painting also has a significant experience with the painting of shopping malls, retail centres, outlets, franchises, and so on. We have a wide range of colour styles and original paint brands to easily replicate all brand colours and logo designs.


Industrial buildings and factories

We specialise in industrial painting. We can paint any factory, manufacturing outlet, and a production facility. We have common paint products that comply with all requirements for the painting of industrial areas.

Floor painting and coatings

We also provide a professional painting and coatings service for commercial and public floor areas. We paint and repair these floor surfaces by using suitable materials like Epoxy commercial floor coatings. We have special options for warehouses, garages, schools, hospitals, automotive showrooms, warehouses, and so on.


Parking lot (line striping)

As part of our external painting portfolio, we also provide line striping for parking lots and roads. These are road marks and indicators that are drawn on the surface and are used to organise traffic flow. You need a professional painting company to help execute line stripping of your parking lot. Doing this the right way, means you need the right external commercial painting contractors to help you achieve an aesthetically pleasing and safer parking lot.

The best painting contractor for all commercial projects in Melbourne

With 15 years of active painting service to the city of Melbourne, it is safe to say that we have contributed to transforming the city. We have been involved in many commercial projects in the city. With a 100% early project completion time record, we are the obvious choice for any commercial painting project in the city. We offer the best in both interior and exterior painting expertise. We have a team of dedicated commercial painters that are familiar with the best practices in the industry.

A team of dedicated painters

The driving force behind our brand identity and reputation in Melbourne is our workers. We have a team of dedicated, brave, and professional painters. They can brave any odd situation to ensure that your painting gets done and delivered within the necessary project constraints. They are the secret behind our success in the local commercial painting marketplace in Melbourne.

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