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Silver Apple Painting: Exterior painting contractors in Melbourne

For 15 years, Silver Apple Painting contractors have been helping residential and commercial properties get a new look with our fresh layers of paint coats. We are the best painting connoisseurs that you can find in Melbourne. To us painting isn’t a job, it is a passion. We bring out the essence and aesthetics out of your property. With an affordable budget, you can easily get the full deal on our premium painting services. We have been the official painting contractors for all properties in Melbourne for the past 15 years.

We handle your external painting project from start to finish

Do you need a fresh coat of paint on all external walls of your property? Do you have any outdoor painting project that you want us to complete? We are a one-stop shop for all exterior painting projects. We have an in-house team of design experts, consultants, project management experts, and painters. We execute the fill painting project of your home or office. From chsooing painting shades, colours, styles, specific coats, to the execution of the project: we are with you every step of the way.

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We have weather resistant coatings for all projects

Unlike interior painting, exterior painting is susceptible to weather. At Silver Apple Painting, we have exterior paint coating products that have been engineered to resist all elements of the weather. This means that unlike other painting contractors, we work with innovative house coating brands to ensure that we get the best outdoor paints and coatings. We have a range of chemically-engineered paints that are meant to last and look their best for years to come. Our final outdoor coatings have the capability to resist any element of the weather like UV rays, rain, snow, humidity, and so on.

A wide collection of paint coatings and colours to choose from

As an exterior paint contractor, we have a wide range of outdoor paints that you can use for your projects. We have a team of design consultants that can help you choose the right colour schemes for your projects. We also have samples to show to you. Our paint products have a complete line of various styles and designs. You can get semi-gloss, high-gloss, satin, flat/matte, eggshell, and so on. It is our desire that your project look the best. With 15 years of professional service to the city of Melbourne, we have constantly improved on our paints and coatings. We have all the most modern and urban paint products for your projects.

Budget-friendly painting services

We understand that many people want to sane money while getting premium and quality painting deals. Silver Apple Painting is the only place where you get a combination of premium painting services for the right budget. Whether you have multiple outdoor painting projects or you just need to give your exterior area a facelift, we can help you do all of that. We respect all budgets and will always work something out to ensure that everyone gets a feel of our premium painting services.

We handle all exterior painting projects

Whether you need to paint your homes, offices, garages, gateway, building canopies, factories, apartments, roofs, outdoor tanks, outdoor structures, road striping, billboards, and so on, Silver Apple Painting is the best option. We will paint any outdoor structure to your satisfaction. From buildings, roadways, bridges, water tanks, concrete structures, wooden surfaces, stainless steel structures, and so on.

The right coatings for the right materials

Whether you need to paint outdoor structures like wood, stainless steel, alloys, concrete, plastic, nylon, fibre, and so on, we have a special paint product for it. We get all our paints and coatings from topnotch and R&D-freindly brands. These brands research consistently to ensure that they are able to invent and patent world-class paints and coatings for all projects. These are engineered coatings that have been designed and developed to last for a very long time.

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