We are Silver Apple Painting contractors and we are based in the city of Melbourne. We have a reputation for offering professional painting services with premium quality.

We are the best in the business when it comes to painting homes, offices, public buildings, outdoor structures, road striping, basement garages, towers, and so on. Just show us your property/structure and we will paint it. We are not just painters, we have a strong passion to bring out the best aesthetics from your properties.

House Painters Ivanhoe

We offer a wide range of painting and project services like supply of paint products, exterior and interior painting services, wall repairs and maintenance, paint coating advice and consultancy, removal of old paint coatings, and many more.

We handle all new construction projects as well as building maintenance projects.

15 years of transforming buildings in Melbourne

With 15 years of continuous service to the city of Melbourne, we have earned our stripes. We have transformed many indoor and outdoor areas with our top-notch painting expertise. We specialise in painting all properties for customers in Melbourne and beyond. When it comes to our painting services, we have a wide range of deals and packages for people who need:

  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Commercial painting
  • House painting, and so on

Our services and deals

Silver Apple Painting contractors work with each client to offer them unique and personalised services. We work with each client to understand their Projects before we proceed to give them the best coating. We work on both new projects and simple maintenance projects. We collaborate with property owners, building owners, body corporations, facility management and maintenance companies, property and building managers, corporate tenants, owners of commercial properties, and real estate and property agents.

A wide range of premium paint products and materials

At Silver Apple Painting, we aim to being out the best appearance in your property. We will decorate your walls and work to give it its best aesthetics and design. We have an in-house design team that specialise in matching client demands with painting products and coatings. All our paint and coating products have been produced by high-quality brands. All painting products have undergone several innovative and engineering phases to ensure their compliance with modern painting projects. Moreover, all our painting products have been treated with suitable chemical agents to ensure serviceability and longevity. We have invested in a complete painting supply chain system to ensure that you get good value for your money.

A well-respected name in the local Melbourne painting Industry

With 15 years of transforming buildings and structures, we have etched our brand name into the minds of the people of Melbourne. When looking for a Melbourne painting contractor near you, our name come up, because we have what it takes to transform your building. With a team of dedicated painters, we work to make sure that you get every bang for your buck. Rather than paint your buildings with unprofessional DIYers, it will pay more to hire a seasoned painting contractor like Silver Apple Painting. We do not just offer you painting expertise, we offer you quality and engineered painting products. We make sure that you get products that will last you for years while giving your property its best appearance ever.

A growing list of happy clients

With numerous projects successfully delivered and completed on time, we have a list of happy and satisfied clients. Moreover, that long list continues to grow as we keep completing many projects beyond expectations. All our past clients are happy with our past work and help us get jobs through referrals. If you feel like being a part of this list, you can go ahead and give us a call or send us a message.

Get a free quote for your projects

Silver Apple Painting contractors offer free quotes to clients to give them the financial breakdown for their projects.